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Root Canal Therapy Helps Save Teeth

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Restore your teeth to a better state of health

Getting a root canal may be the only way to save an infected tooth. If the pulp inside your tooth gets infected, there is a big risk that the infection will spread and cause permanent damage. Fortunately, the damage can be reversed in the early stages. Dr. Patrick Moriarty can perform a root canal to remove the infection and fill the tooth to restore it to a better state of health. It can also be performed under sedation so you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

When it’s time to get a root canal

You might be ready for a root canal if you have:

  • Throbbing or persistent pain around just one tooth
  • Signs of an infection around a tooth, such as pus or inflamed gums
  • Bleeding and swelling of the gum tissue in an isolated area
  • Toothaches and jaw pain
  • Difficulty chewing or pain when speaking

Benefits of timely root canal therapy

One of the biggest reasons why we urge patients to get a root canal sooner than later is because delaying treatment can result in tooth loss. An infection can spread relatively quickly and if there is any visible damage to the tooth, you might experience persistent pain and discomfort. Getting a root canal when it’s necessary will prevent further tooth damage — and costly procedures — later. Saving a single tooth means you will not need to pay a high price for dental implants or other tooth restoration procedures. Keeping as many of your natural teeth as possible can also help you maintain a healthy bite and improve your overall facial appearance.

Pain-free treatment from an experienced doctor

Working with Dr. Moriarty means you can enjoy the benefits of sedation dentistry. We offer sedation to patients who may be afraid of visiting the dentist or those who have dental anxiety. We will do everything we can to make you feel calm and relaxed throughout your procedure. Getting a root canal isn’t as painful as it sounds and you will be back to your regular schedule in no time.

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